• Snezana Djordjevic Facutly for Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia


affordable and social housing, post-socialist countries, participatory decision-making, public space, homelessness


In the modern neoliberal world, due to large social stratifications and a large gap in wealth redistribution, the achievability of the ideal of an open city, as the concept of the UN and inclusive city, as the concept of a democratic society, is becoming a great practical challenge and therefore interesting topic for urban policy researchers. The article will open important research topics in contemporary urban policy studies, focusing on post-socialist countries. The main research methods are analysis and presentation (synthesis) of the results of contemporary studies in general, and comparative data on transformation in social housing policy in transitional countries. The paper will also present some challenges of the neoliberal world (example of Occupy London movement), as well as good practices of social housing in Copenhagen, to stimulate better urban and housing policy (learning from experiences) for Belgrade and other post-socialist cities.


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Internet sources: (World Bank, visited October 9th, 2022).

Pictures: (Dortheavej, visited Octobre 2nd 2022) (Sundholm Syd, visited October 2nd, 2022) (Urban Rigger, visited September 20th, 2022) (Gated villa in Dedinje, visited September 28th, 2022) (Gated housing complex in the city center, visited September 28th, 2022) (Roma settlement - Belgrade periphery, visited September 25th, 2022.) (Homeless accommodation, visited September 25th, 2022)



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