• Aleksandar Kovačević Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade


Smart cities, Intelligent Transport System, Local regulations, Information – Communication Technology, Belgrade


The ubiquity of the Information – Communication Technology – ICT has sparked significant interest in smart city initiatives. Smart transportation systems are integral to this concept. Our research explores its potential impact on transportation enhancements, notably in Belgrade. The central research question revolves around whether employing ICT in transportation can effectively address Belgrade's transportation challenges. Our study focuses on relevant scientific literature in areas like local democracy, public policy, and public administration about smart cities. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we draw on insights from various disciplines, employing fundamental scientific methods including literature reviews, case studies, and comparative analyses. Our research begins with a descriptive analysis of prominent global smart city projects, particularly emphasizing transportation improvements. We explore intelligent transportation systems and their implementations in cities like Copenhagen, Vienna, and Barcelona. The data we gather forms the basis for crafting an intelligent transportation policy and instigating reforms in Belgrade, charting past and future transportation changes.


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