• Jakub Kóňa Department of Services and Tourism, Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics in Bratislava


Shared Economy, Shared Accommodation Prices, Airbnb, Regression and Correlation


The shared economy occupies through shared accommodation a full-featured position in many economies of the world and the extent of its impact can be expressed in various ways. In addition, the price of accommodation appears to be a sufficiently objective, measurable, and comparable element to other statistical instruments of the economic environment. In the article, we use statistical methods of correlation and regression analysis to express the relationships between the dependent variable in the form of the price of shared accommodation in European Union countries and other economic indicators of the macroenvironment and the tourism industry, which thus represent an independent variable. The results signal that shared accommodation prices shows a higher degree of correlation with other indicators of the tourism sector than with other macroeconomic indicators in individual countries.


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