Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The Editorial Board together with International Advisory Board provide to ensure the quality and ethical standards of the Slovak Journal of Public Policy and Public Administration (SJPPPA). Editors are responsible for implementing the process of publishing articles, specifically for their acceptance, for the peer review process and, of course, the content of each issue of the journal. Publishers, reviewers, and authors are committed to follow the ethical principles:

Editor’s and Editorial Board responsibilities

  • Provides confirmation of receipt of the manuscript and subsequent fair and objective assessment through double-blind peer review process
  • Approval or rejection of the article for publication takes into account the quality of content and language, originality, compliance with the SJPPPA focus and the results of the double-blind peer review process
  • Ensures the confidentiality of submitted manuscripts until they are officially published in SJPPPA
  • Ensures that the Editor responsible for the review process is not involved in the process of its final publication
  • Provides synergy when it is necessary to make adjustments in the submitted manuscripts and, if necessary, publishes a patch
  • Ensures adequate journal performance associated in compliance with its publishing periodicity
  • Creates space for eventual consideration of authors complaints in case of manuscript rejection

Reviewer’s responsibilities

  • Participates in ensuring quality, objectivity and fairness in the double-blind peer review process
  • Commits confidentiality in reviewing manuscripts and does not hand entire manuscripts or parts of them to third parties
  • Obligates not to publish or otherwise present the data and information from the manuscripts under his / her name
  • Warns of any suspicion of the article’s incoherence or any content similarity with other sources / documents
  • Indicates the possible existence of a conflict of interest

Author’s responsibilities

  • Complies with citation standards, lists exact sources of downloaded information with the ability to retrieve them and references all downloaded data based on the instructions given in the submission section
  • Confirms the accuracy of the data given in the manuscript
  • Confirms the originality of the manuscript and, at the same time, that it has not been submitted elsewhere
  • If parts of the manuscript match the contents of an already published or submitted article, the author also sends the documents concerned
  • Confirms that the author has all the necessary permissions (if necessary) associated with publishing the content of the manuscript
  • Confirms that manuscripts working with data involving human or animal subjects are in compliance with national and local laws, have human consent for disclosure, and respect their privacy
  • Confirms the agreement to publish an article in SJPPPA
  • Draws attention to potential conflicts of interest related to article publishing, its assessment, and its contents
  • Immediately contacts the editorial board in case of identifying significant errors in the manuscript and cooperates in the eventual correction issue

SJPPPA Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

Publication malpractice is an unfortunate occurrence within scholarly literature. The prevention of publication malpractice is the responsibility of every author, editor, reviewer, associated with SJPPPA. Furthermore, SJPPPA as a publisher and FSV and UCM as institutional bodies are committed to the strict adherence to ethics and publication practices. Any type of unethical and/or publication malpractice is not permitted or tolerated.

SJPPPA has a clear and publicly available statement of its publication ethics and publication malpractice. See for statement-vložiť odkaz na SJPPPA Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement. SJPPPA, as publisher accepts responsibility and accountability for the performance and compliance with these policies.